AdvertCity is a cyberpunk advertising tycoon game. Explore a massive procedural city, and plaster your adverts all over it. Float around cyberspace and post links online. Watch the economy of the city evolve with the effects of your decisions.

Megacorps Edit

There are 16 megacorps in the game, including the player's advertising corporation Adsplay.

Economy Edit

The currency in AdvertCity is DogeCoin (XDG).

Banking is monopolised by Happy Banking Corp.

Cities Edit

Megacorp logo The Construct

The Construct, a robotic construction megacorp

Cities in the game are procedurally generated using a sophisticated set of algorithms.

The Construct has a monopoly on all construction work within the city.

Buildings on plots are upgraded or downgraded over time depending on their population, local demand and the financial status of their owner megacorp.

Roads in the cities range from mountain footpaths and single-lane suburban alleys to huge eight-lane motorways.

Technologies Edit

There are 22 advertising technologies in the game.

Gameplay Edit

Various gameplay elements are listed here, which may include tips and how-to guides.

Development Edit

Latest activityEdit

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