AdvertCity Wikia

Billboards are large adverts that cover a big portion of the front of a building, and are visible for a distance around. The taller the building to which they are deployed, the more effective they are.

Name: Billboard

Description: A huge sign with an image on.

Detailed description: As invented by Prof. Board in 1780, the billboard has remained a mainstay of advertisers everywhere for centuries. Simply apply to the side of your favourite building. Place on higher buildings they can be seen for much further, but it's cheaper to put them on less populated ones.

Space: Meatspace

Reputation required to unlock: +1

Cost per unit to deploy: 500XDG

Pay per view: 0.002XDG

Range: (15 * height of target building) metres

Chance of being seen per tick: 0.00005

Maximum number of views: 500000

Lifetime: 36000 ticks

Units deployed at a time: 1

Reputation effect per view:

Cooldown: 4000 ticks