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The smallest of all the blimp classes, these are modelled roughly on the Goodyear GZ-20. Its size is 18m tall by 15m wide by 58m long. They fly at a height of around 800m, in a circle approximately half of their effective range in radius.

Name: Blimps

Description: ISO standard sized blimps.

Detailed description: From the ground these are mere specks in the sky, but the important folk high in the towers can see them just fine. They've got a large range, but cost the same regardless of where you launch them.

Space: Meatspace

Reputation required to unlock: +1

Cost per unit to deploy: 800XDG

Pay per view: 0.05XDG

Range: 1000m

Chance of being seen per tick: 0.00003

Maximum number of views: 10000000

Lifetime: 18000 ticks

Units deployed at a time: 1

Reputation effect per view:

Cooldown: 4000 ticks