Blimpy Bros

Megacorp logo Blimpy Bros

Name Blimpy Bros
Tagline "The blimps we produce aspire to no higher goal than the pursuit of advertising."
Cyber URL cyb://blimpbros.corp/
Logo An 8-bit video game style logo with a threatening weaponised-looking blimp over a flappy-birds-inspired background. The holes in the B's are sunglasses, reminiscent of the retro Bonanza Bros game.

Blimpy Bros Edit

An aerospace corporation. This megacorp specialises in the research, development, production and sales of airplanes and blimps.

Working with this megacorporation allows access to the blimps tech tree.

At the start, they are considerably richer (approx 3x) than the average megacorp, and pay a 30% higher salary, with a marginally below average hire rate.

Allies Edit

This megacorp feels warmly towards the following corporations:

Enemies Edit

This megacorp has a competitive relationship with the following corporations:

  • 256 Shades of Hats: -2 rep
    • Industrial espionage is a real threat to a megacorporation of this type.

Required technologies Edit

This megacorp won't become a client for your advertising until you've unlocked the following technologies:

Known technologies Edit

This megacorp knows the following technologies, which the player can unlock by getting a sufficiently high reputation with the megacorp, or by way of a hostile takeover:

Gallery Edit

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