AdvertCity Wikia

In the dark dystopian future where megacorporations rule the city, people are both tenants and employees of the megacorp they belong to.  They are bought and sold, hired and fired with the buildings they live and work in.

Every building in the city is owned by a megacorp; empty ones that are newly constructed are owned by The Construct, and are ready to be purchased in an empty state by other megacorps.

But everything has its price.  You can buy already populated buildings from other megacorps, too - in which case their inhabitants, formerly the employees of their previous owning corp, now become your employees.

You can hire more employees, who also become inhabitants at that building.  You don't have time for individual job applications, so you take on employees in batches of 100 at a time.  You fire them in the same way.  Every building has a maximum capacity, beyond which you cannot fill it.

Having more employees means more labour to prepare your advertising technologies, so the more you have, the shorter your cooldowns become for every tech.

However, employees also cost money to maintain - their wages are a constant drain on your funds.  Fallen on hard times?  Fire some employees!  Of course terminated employees are also evicted from their homes, which are after all corporate property.

At any time you can check your game summary, which shows how many employees you have hired and fired over the course of your career.