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Of course all buses in the future are hoverbuses, but they need bus stops to stop at... hoverbus stops! Or is that hover busstops?

You can learn this technology from Posters of Interest who make all of the poster technology line. Loudmouthfrog Ltd won't do business with you until you have this technology.

Name: Hoverbus Stop Posters

Description: Almost guaranteed to catch the eye of every bored commuter.

Detailed description: The city-wide hover bus is the transport of choice for workerdrones everywhere. While low on disposable income, these hover bus stop posters are ideal for reminding them to buy essentials such as synthmilk, soap, and semi-illicit mind-altering substances.

Space: Meatspace

Reputation required to unlock: +2

Cost per unit to deploy: 100XDG

Pay per view: 0.01XDG

Range: 100m

Chance of being seen per tick: 0.002

Maximum number of views: 2400

Lifetime: 1800 ticks

Units deployed at a time: 100

Reputation effect per view: +0.000002

Cooldown: 2400 ticks