Personbox PLC

Megacorp logo Personbox PLC

Name Personbox PLC
Tagline "A cube with a bed, a sink, and a screen. All you'll ever need."
Cyber URL cyb://personbox.corp/
Logo An abstract icon representing a person in a capsule hotel room, which is more similar to a coffin in nature. The occupant appears to be plumbed in to the system via tubes to their neck.

Personbox PLC Edit

A housing corporation, specialising in giving the poor citizens a place to live. The logical extension of futuristic capsule hotels, their housing is the most minimal required for survival, and is more akin to storage.

Their starting funds are above average, but despite this they pay a salary only 30% of the average.

Allies Edit

This megacorp feels warmly towards the following corporations:

  • The Construct: +0.5 rep
    • There is a close relationship between the construction and housing markets.
  • Adsplay: +0.4 rep

Enemies Edit

This megacorp has a competitive relationship with the following corporations:

Required technologies Edit

This megacorp won't become a client for your advertising until you've unlocked the following technologies:

Known technologies Edit

This megacorp knows the following technologies, which the player can unlock by getting a sufficiently high reputation with the megacorp, or by way of a hostile takeover:

  • none

Gallery Edit

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