Posters Of Interest Inc

Megacorp logo Posters of Interest

Name Posters Of Interest Inc
Tagline "Hand drawn in a large factory full of definitely not children."
Cyber URL cyb://poiinc.corp/
Logo An abstract representation of a set of stacks of posters, with the POI reminiscent of the POE reference in Dr Strangelove. Confirming this subtle reference, the top corners of the pages are titled CRM114, with "peace on earth" and "purity of essence" tucked behind some of them.

Posters Of Interest Inc Edit

A megacorporation specialising in the design and production of posters.

Working with this megacorp provides access to the posters advertising tech tree.

Their salary is approximately 80% that of the average.

Allies Edit

This megacorp feels warmly towards the following corporations:

Enemies Edit

This megacorp has a competitive relationship with the following corporations:

Required technologies Edit

This megacorp won't become a client for your advertising until you've unlocked the following technologies:

Known technologies Edit

This megacorp knows the following technologies, which the player can unlock by getting a sufficiently high reputation with the megacorp, or by way of a hostile takeover:

Gallery Edit

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