Secure Storage Syndicate

Megacorp logo Secure Storage Syndicate

Name Secure Storage Syndicate
Tagline "Put your things in our things and give us money, would be a shame if anything happened to that nice looking display of yours."
Cyber URL cyb://secstore.corp/
Logo A stylised brutal-looking safe on a neon purple background, with a chain-like link of S's in the background. Perhaps partially a subtle SS / fascist reference.

Secure Storage Syndicate Edit

A megacorp specialising in secure storage, that is heavily implied to be a mafia front for a protection racket.

Their starting funds are slightly above average, with an exactly average salary and a slightly slower than average hiring rate.

Allies Edit

This megacorp feels warmly towards the following corporations:

Enemies Edit

This megacorp has a competitive relationship with the following corporations:

Required technologies Edit

This megacorp won't become a client for your advertising until you've unlocked the following technologies:

Known technologies Edit

This megacorp knows the following technologies, which the player can unlock by getting a sufficiently high reputation with the megacorp, or by way of a hostile takeover:

  • none

Gallery Edit

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