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Deployed in places ordinary humans or robots can't reach by drones, these have an even greater range. Requiring a higher reputation, they are also harder to unlock.

You can learn this technology from Desperate Designers who make this kind of thing. The Secure Storage Syndicate won't deal with you unless you have this technology.

Name: UAV Delivered Flyers

Description: Flying flyers, FYI.

Detailed description: Repurposed from the military for flyer delivery, these UAVs are deadly-accurate. We mean that quite literally, we only accept drones with at least 10 successfully "liberated" targets.

Space: Meatspace

Reputation required to unlock: +3

Cost per unit to deploy: 1.4XDG

Pay per view: 0.9XDG

Range: 40m

Chance of being seen per tick: 0.005

Maximum number of views: 1

Lifetime: 30 ticks

Units deployed at a time: 50

Reputation effect per view: +0.000002

Cooldown: 700 ticks